French haute couture

French haute couture brands have reigned in the fashion world since the 1940s. Haute couture equated with luxury is, moreover, a legally protected designation. All certified houses must meet strict criteria such as handcrafted work in the house’s workshops, the uniqueness of tailor-made pieces and to do at least two parades in the French haute couture calendar each year. It’s the key of the French art de vivre.

Louis Vuitton, luxury French haute couture.

Louis Vuitton quickly established itself as a renowned craftsman in Monsieur’s Parisian workshop. The Louis Vuitton group is a French haute couture brand that dominates luxury around the world. It is also the 18th most powerful brand in the world according to the FORBES ranking. The brand was founded in 1854 by the eponymous trunk maker Maréchal. This is how his career began in a craft sector that requires certain rare skills and know-how. His tailor-made creations will then become trunks, to meet the wishes of his traveling customers.

The brand therefore initially specialized in luxury leather goods. It then broadened its range to ready-to-wear in the 2000s. For 6 consecutive years, Louis Vuitton was named the most valuable luxury brand in the world. During Fashion Week, stars and influential people scramble to be at the forefront of its parades. Always looking to attract a young and trendy audience.

Chanel, reference in French fashion.

It was in 1910 that the Chanel brand was born. Its logo is recognizable among thousands around the world. Gabrielle Chanel nicknamed Coco Chanel how the rise of the brand with clothes then very quickly hats and accessories. The success is immediate. Two years later, the French haute couture brand launched into perfumery with its emblematic perfume number 5. Since then, the brand has continued to claim its leadership position in luxury ready-to-wear. It is also the second most powerful French luxury brand.

Always against the grain, but always in style, CocoChanel has enabled women to break free from fashion dictates while remaining elegant. The Chanel style revolves around white and black. Pearl necklaces and tweed suits dress an almost masculine woman, freed from constraints, but refined. The Chanel n ° 5 bottle also takes up this idea of ​​efficient, identifiable, but not flashy simplicity, with an estimated valuation of 18 billion euros. Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director of the brand since 1973, never ceases to compete in ingenuity to make each of his parades spectacular.

Hermès, the French luxury brand.

Hermès began in 1837 as a saddler and continues to use equestrian imagery for its brand to this day, despite numerous changes to its logo.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century after the death of the founder, that the French haute couture brand decided to broaden its offer to luggage at first, then to women’s and men’s clothing, to watchmaking, to clothing. jewelry and famous silk squares.

Thanks to its famous Birkin and Kelly bags, the Hermès brand ranks third among French luxury brands with an estimated valuation of 15 billion euros.

Luxury products such as the Hermès ring or the Hermès perfume indeed appeal to women all over the world, from Japan to the United States.

Dior, famous house of haute couture

Dior has only one idea in mind: to restore cheerfulness, elegance and beauty to women. In just ten years, from 1947 to 1957, Christian Dior revolutionized the codes of French elegance and haute couture, imagining collections like dreams and enchantments. The one who wanted to be an architect offered women his vision of beauty through elegant silhouettes, until he became synonymous with luxury and French haute couture all over the world.

At Dior, novelty comes every season. Since the first show on February 12, 1947, baptized New Look, the brand has continued to impose its vision through elegant, architectural and infinitely feminine lines.

The brand rose to 91st place in the global ranking of the most influential brands. Its valuation is now estimated at 4.63 billion euros. Since his first show, the French haute couture designer has imagined his collections as rigorously structured buildings, skilfully thought out.

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